Katatonia - Deliberation

Visions come, visions come, in a sick room bed
There's something left to learn
Pass them all, let it show
Let the rich meet death
Confront out own concern

See us sleep behind the glass unaware of crime
Will you wake us up before it is time

Dueling circles, holds the only light
Break down my perspective
Notify everyone when the time is right
My mouth remains

So when you let me in
Let me justify
My only war
You put your hands on me
Now I learn the words

I didnt know before
I am ice, I am clear
Let the world be cold
Are you deliberation
Pass them all, let it show
Let the words come slow
Your constant decondition
Repeating cycle
Of light, no light
There's nothing in the air space
Theres no one in the air space
Repeating cycle
Of love, no love
I am unwilling to go on
You have lost
No one has won

PD: Buena canción para un viernes por la noche en casa =)